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Translating strategic decisions into item level planning

Advanced MRP and inventory synchronisation

Amis-delta is the only inventory management tool that allows you to manage inventory plans at a high level and set MRP parameters based on your decisions.

It is the result of collaboration between iM3L (formerly Inventory Matters) and Force 9 – a dynamic supplier and implementer of leading brand ERP/MRP systems.

Key analysis functions

Pareto Curve

Plots percentage of cumulative usage value versus cumulative number of parts. AMIS sorts your parts by descending usage value.

Annual Usage Value

Classifies your SKUs by Annual Usage Value. Six to eight classes is optimum, with every class assigned a specific order frequency.

K-Curve Analysis

Plots optimum stock value versus the number of batches, depending on the value of K. The lower you can drive K – the faster your business.

Stock Profiles

Compares actual to optimum stock profiles.

Stock Analysis

Displays in three views: Annual Usage Analysis, AMIS Results and Actual Values/Quantities.


Identifies up and down overage movements and lists the critical SKUs.

Dissipation Chart

Shows potential overage, underage and combined dissipation over time.

SKU Demand Chart

Shows demand distribution of each part – with reorder points and stock out indicators.

Key Features of Amis Delta software

Inventory planning – simple targets mean complex implementations