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Strategic, tactical, operational

At iM3L we specialise in enabling companies to make more effective use of inventory with less risk.

We do this through “inventory optimisation”, a significantly different technique to traditional, often poorly understood lean approaches that focus solely on inventory reduction.

Our work covers three complementary aspects of business improvement – because business and manufacturing process capability is integral to successful inventory management:

  1. Inventory Management – analysis and optimisation
  2. Business Systems – analysis and implementation
  3. Manufacturing – lean and agile

And we work at three levels in your organisation:

1. Strategic – we’ll help you:

  • See past the barriers of today, and
  • Develop a clear vision of the future

2. Tactical – we’ll help you:

  • Develop a plan that works, and
  • Sustain it over the medium term using “light touch consulting”

3. Operational – we’ll improve the way you do things using our proven analysis and improvement tools:

  • Customer Optimised Inventory: COIN uses the patented Amis-delta analysis software to optimise your inventory holding by revolutionising your inventory planning
  • Lean and Agile Operations is our approach to lean thinking, leading to truly lean operations
  • Process, Organisation and Technology: POT analysis focuses on improving your entire business process

Our team of experts

Each iM3L consultant has sound operational experience as well as consulting expertise.

Our approach

At iM3L we use a structured process called Issue Based Consulting