A structured approach to business improvement

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At iM3L we use a structured process called Issue Based Consulting. We focus on your business and your problems. Then, we work with your people to design and implement solutions that work for you.

We call our approach to implementation “light touch consulting” because we empower and train your people to make the change and are there only as and when you need us. It does not take an army of consultants but it does take commitment and action – from your entire organisation.

Our consulting and improvement process

Improvement does not come gift-wrapped. We believe that continuous and sustainable improvement only comes from a structured process.

Initialisation and assessment

  • We work with you to create a Joint Steering Committee. Together, we’ll determine the project’s strategic importance, establish scope, set goals and create our plan. Joint Steering manages the project, including internal communications.
  • We work with you to assemble your Client Core Team. These are the doers. They know what the problems are already. Only they can implement lasting solutions.

Analysis – data and processes

  • iM3L consultants work with your Client Core Team to analyse your data and your processes; identify and prioritise your problems and challenges; and develop a coherent plan to deliver sustained benefit to your operations.
  • The tools we use depend on your business, your needs and the parameters we set at the assessment stage.
  • Customer Optimised Inventory (COIN) uses the patented amis-delt analysis software to optimise your inventory holding by revolutionising your inventory planning.
  • Our approach to lean and agile operations means we help companies make improvements fast – as proven by these typical six month results:
    • Reduced process cycle time by 50 to 70%.
    • Reduced inventories by 30 to 80%.
    • Reduced scrap by 80%.
    • Increased productivity by 40%.

Process, Organisation and Technology analysis

POT analysis focuses on improving your entire business process.

We use POT, to help you understand:

  1. Where you are now – your As-Is
  2. Where you want to be – your To-Be

POT analysis uses:

  • As-Is process mapping
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Cultural assessment
  • IT analysis
  • Group workshops, and
  • Individual interviews

The process delivers:

  • In-depths analysis of your current situation
  • An achievable To-Be process definition
  • With technology implications for optimising inventory and maximising customer service
  • A strategic, tactical and operational implementation plan