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Operations, supply chain & inventory management training

In-house training designed for active participation and enjoyment with at least 50% of every course made up of practical exercises for active learning:

  • To build knowledge, promote understanding, inspire confidence
  • With personal feedback from people who are both expert practitioners and skilled trainers
One must learn by doing the thing; though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.
Sophocles, 495-406 BC

How you benefit

  • Get the training programme that’s just right for you - choose an off-the-shelf package or commission a custom built course

  • Ensure you identify your true knowledge or skills gap - take advantage of our specialist training needs analysis

  • Embed learning and new ways of working into the business - all our programmes come with end of course action plans, with options for continuing iM3L support and consolidation

  • Learn from the best - our UK-based trainers work around the world and are experiencedl, motivated and sought after

Next steps

Find out whether an off the shelf course or a custom built course is right for you and your business or call us on 01386 710 110