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Custom built inventory training to meet your specific needs

All our course materials are designed around modular units, allowing you to assemble a course to meet your specific needs.

You can choose from our off-the-shelf modules and commission news ones.

And we can custom-build a course that is tailored just for you and your specific business objectives.

Institute of Operations Management

Materials are referenced back to the Institute of Operations Management (IOM) syllabus as well as leading academic texts, assisted by our work with a leading university

Training needs analysis

You want your people to learn, but what do they know already? What’s the gap?

The most effective training meets people’s needs by tailoring what’s delivered to build on their current level of knowledge and expertise.

We can design training packages to meet your precise needs. By taking on board your input beforehand, we can personalise the training material.

When people have been involved during the analysis phase, they feel a greater ownership of the material and even more motivation when the training starts.

Opting for a training needs analysis benefits both your company and your people.


Practical consolidation and follow-up

Training is just the beginning of a process. It’s what you do with it that matters.

In iM3L training we ensure that delegates finish the training with improvement action plans.

These can be forwarded to management for positive action and follow through.

Then the training can be embedded in several ways:

  • Teamwork on improvement projects
  • Champions cascade practical learning results
  • With iM3L support and consolidation

What next?

To explore your training needs further please call us on 01386 710 110 or send us an outline of your requirements and your contact number and we will call you back