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Enhancing skills, changing perceptions

We were brought in by the retailer Morrisons to deliver training to enhance the standard transactional training they received on their new system from their software supplier.

We were asked to deliver training that covered supply chain management and, in particular, forecasting in inventory management – how all the calculations worked, the consequence of each calculation and the underlying theory that sat behind each transaction – and then relate all this to the new system.

This in itself was hugely valuable but there was also an interesting and equally valuable byproduct of this training.

At the beginning of the training we asked delegates ‘What do you think your job is today?’

And then ‘What do you think your job is going to be tomorrow?’

And one of the big things they identified about ‘tomorrow’s’ job was that they thought their current role would be redundant.

Most had a big fear about losing their job because of the new system.

At the end of the 4-day training we asked them to revisit their list describing ‘tomorrow’s’ job.

And one of the things that most of the team did was cross out the word ‘redundancy’.

Because what they had come to understand was that instead of being an order processor, they had become a supply chain analyst / manager.

They were going from being a doer to a thinker.

This had a big impact on motivation and desire to engage with the new system effectively.

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