Inventory Management: 1 or 2 days

Inventory is vital to business performance. If you don’t work at the interface with Inventory on a day-to-day basis, it is essential to have a certain level of understanding. This will enable optimised operations and the knowledge to make informed business decisions.

Objectives, Outcomes and Benefits

Day 1

  • The basics of inventory management, planning and control
  • An overview of MRP control and tools
  • An introduction to ABC and Batching Rules
  • Key elements of stock safety, batch and overage

Day 2

  • The different functions and interplay between inventory management, inventory planning and inventory control.
  • Key inventory management techniques, including ABC, RRS, criticality matrix and K-curve.
  • How to identify and minimise overage, excess and surplus inventory.
  • Inventory control strategies.

Delegates will take away a toolbox of techniques that will help them implement best practice in inventory management.

Who will benefit?

This course will benefit Business Leaders, Planners, Operations Managers and Supply Chain Managers

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