Case study: King of Shaves

How streamlined business processes led to more empowered and confident staff

King of Shaves has the second largest brand of shaving software in the UK with a powerful retail presence throughout the nation including Boots, Harrods, Lloyds Pharmacy, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and Waitrose.

Business challenges

  • Growing the business without adding more resource
  • Small team with no skill overlap
  • Manual operated business processes
  • Results gained by shear effort

With the complexity of between 100-150 standard product lines and up to 200 seasonal variants, King Of Shaves had identified the need to improve the business processes within the organisation along with implementing a financial and planning system. This was part of the growth strategy for King of Shaves to transition from a small company.

To deliver this strategy King of Shaves commissioned consultants to perform some business process analysis and an IT implementer to install the required system.

The implementation was perceived to be 75% effective with support for the system was not seen as effective. Also the results of the analysis were unsatisfactory.

King Of Shaves were still convinced as to the need to improve the business processes within the organisation. They wished to find a suitable partner to work with them on this, who could recognise their current environment and sensitivity adapt it to meet their growth strategy.

iM3L fitted the bill

King Of Shaves met with iM3L and saw the potential of a partnership. With their previous experience of consultants and suppliers, they saw practitioners with knowledge of their business issues and a series of approaches that would educate and guide the company on the journey of growth.

They felt comfortable with iM3L’s approach of identifying the current organisational strengths and weakness’ and build efficient processes and use of IT technology. The key part of the approach was to allow bandwidth to cope with day-to-day business pressures and provide scope for further growth.

The results

  • Empowered and confident staff
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Increased operational efficiency