MRP Parameter Management: 1.5 days

What the course covers:

The MRP Parameter course will enable the delegates to understand

  • MRP parameters and how they work within the Business systems, their importance and the key benefits in using the MRP compliance approach to parameter management.
  • The course will look at techniques for determining the optimum using EOQ, Pareto and k-curve approach to order quantity parameter settings and how understanding forecast error can determine the optimum safety stocks to deliver consistent customer service levels.
  • The MRP Parameters Management
    • Key elements in the MRP process
      • Bill of Materials
      • MRP explosion
    • MRP Effectiveness
      • What is MRP compliance / non compliance
      • Typical causes of non compliance
      • How to achieve higher compliance
    • MRP Parameters (Batch & Safety)
      • How the parameters affect the MRP process
      • Understanding Quantity and Time based parameters
      • Advantages / Disadvantages of Quantity and Time Based Parameters
    • Linking MRP and inventory
      • ABC Pareto and K-curve
      • Inventory Planning using K-curve

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