Supply Chain Essentials: 4 days

For most companies, supply chain costs represent more than half of total product cost and inventory value is measured in millions, if not billions, of pounds.

In blunt terms: The supply chain goes beyond the company alone to encompass worldwide networks, multiple disciplines and many new technologies.

Clearly, managing the supply chain effectively is a key activity in the battle to cut costs and boost profits.

Objectives, Outcomes and Benefits

This course covers:

Supply Chain overview

Overview of what a supply chain is and the key challenges in successful management

Communication & Teamwork

Looks at the key aspects of good communication and teamwork and how this relates to the Supply Chain environment

Core Fore Forecasting

The what and why of forecasting which provides a base for the more advanced discussions in Module 5

Core Inventory Management

The essential principles of good inventory Management, looking at the key three pillars of Control, Planning and Balancing

Forecasting Management

Looking the issues of managing forecasts within a business planning environment, in particular understanding the demand history and preparing a new forecast to include, quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Replenishment Planning

This looks at the challenges in determining the optimum replenishment policies for the parts that need to be managed within the business. It will cover optimum ordering as well as parts classification.

Forecast Protection

Forecast are known to be ‘in error’ this looks at how we can use this error to protect against the inevitable and develop safety stock policies that will assure high service levels.

Supply Chain Balancing

This final module bring the preceding 7 together to show how all the elements fit – to provide the delegate with a complete tool box that will enable them to manage their [part of the supply chain.

Reinforced with practical examples of best practice in action, and practical exercises.

Delegates will take away a toolbox of proven techniques that will help them implement best practice in their own supply chains.

Who will benefit?

This course is for supply chain professionals from all sectors who are responsible for supply chain planning and implementation.  It covers the key aspects of Forecasting, Planning and execution, the three key steps in MRP /business system planning.

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